Formaldehyde-free. Non-damaging. 20mins Service. 

Elleebana Lash Lift allows you to offer your customers lucious lifted lashes that will last for weeks, just within 20mins. Client's real lash will be lifted with the curls of her choice, with Elleebana Keratin and Biotin formula of Lash Lift supplies and results last for up to 2-3 months. Take a shower, take your swim, blink as much as you want, Elleebana Lash Lift is the perfect solutions for clients with natural long and thick lash.
Take a Training
We are Asia based official Elleebana and Belmacil distribution company providing product and training with certification for the beauty industry professional. We love to use Ellleebana products because we seen the non-damaging and  quality of their products. Take our Lash Lifts and Tinting training, with Training Director and our chosen trainers and start your career as a Lash stylist.

Lash Lift Class (Private)
includes Ellleebana starter kit (6hrs) S$800 or US$600

Lash Lift Class (Group)
Includes Elleebana starter kit (4hrs) S$600 or US$450

Topup S$200 or US$150 for Belmacil Brow & Lash Tint (2 colors tint + Developer) workshop

Topup S$200 or US$150 for Semi Perm Mascara (1 nos) workshop
Buy your Supplies
Check out our comprehensive Elleebana and Belmacil supplies and order via email.  Send your order via sms to 65-81013399.

Processing leadtime : please allow one week for instock and two weeks for pre-order.

Price excludes shipping.  
Minimum S$200 for Singapore free courier.
We ship to entire Asia. 

Get your Services
The Lash @ B1 Marina Link / Marina Square. Call 63389981 for booking.
The Academy @ L2 Boat Quay No 52. Junior staffs available daily at special rate. Call 65703317 to check.

Lash Lift using Elleebana S$79
Lash Tint using Belmacil S$29
Semi Perm Mascara using Elleebana S$29

Brow Groom & Tint S$39

First Trial 50% off @ The Lash
​First Trial 60% off @ The Academy

​Package @ The Lash : Buy 4 session get 20% off
​Package @ The Academy : Unlimited 90days at S$399
Elleebana Lash Lift Kit (30-60 services)
Belmacil Mini Tint Kit (Brow & Lash)
10pk Elleebana Lash Lift Refills
One shot Lash Lift : you just need one application to get the right Lash Lift!
No worry on product that lost its effectiveness with individually sealed Lash Lift solutions from Elleebana.

Easy to use :
1. Single use satchets.
2. Zero wastage.
3. Fast processing for Lift Lotion 5-10 mins depending on clients lashes strength. 5minutes for the neutralizer.

Regular Kit Contains – 30 lift & 30 neutralizer sachets, Small/medium/large/x-large lifting rods, Lash adhesive, Belma remove sample, Application brush, and a stainless steel lash lifter.

Minimum of 30 treatments!
If used back to back appts can get 2-1 application total of 60 treatments!

S$260 per kit, Buy 2 save 10%.
Professional Lash & Brow Tinting Accessories
Belmacil MINI LASH & BROW TINT KIT gives you everything you need to create the most desireable Lashes & Brows 

Belmacil Tints 4 Colours 
Remove 2 in 1 Tint and Eye Make Up Remover  125ML SIZE
Oxydant Creme 100ML – Gentle on clients, our stabilized developer is a unique formulation
Belma Shield Protective Balm - a natural alternative made of sweet almond oil & beeswax 
Belma 2 in 1 Tint Mixing Dish with brush rest
Application Brush – retractable
Belmacil Paper Eye Shields - better fitting adjustable paper eye shields with a protective film so doesn't penetrate onto the skin
Protective Eye Guard (NEW ADDITION!)

Pre-order item
This option includes: 10 lift & 10 tint sachets. 
This is one of most popular products!

ps : You have to use slightly more or equal amount of soluton 2 than solution 1. Thus we do not sell this separately.

Insufficient neutralization of lifting solution will cause lash lift to be wrongly lifted. Do a proper job, do not save on the right application amount of solutions.
Elleebana Strong Hold Lash Lift Adhesive
Lash Lift Silicone Rods
Belmacil Creme Oxydant 100ml
Elleebana Rods are by far the best curve for lash lifting.

Combo pack  includes x-small, small, medium and large rods. (4 pairs, 1 each size)

X-small pack : 5 pairs

Small pack : 5 pairs

Medium pack : 5 pairs

These are reusable with sanitization and keep their shape for many uses! 

S$40 per box. Buy 2 save 10%. Tell us your options.
Introducing Elleebana Strong Hold: the revolutionary lash lift adhesive.

The first formulation of it's kind, this glue offers 10% stronger hold. This adhesive contains nourishing ingredients Keratin and Biotin to help keep those lashes strengthened and protected.
Making the lifting process even faster and easier to keep the lashes adhered during the lifting process. No more pesky lashes popping off during the treatment.
Lift your lash game to strong.

S$80 per, Buy 2 save 10%
Belmacil creamy formula enables you to mix a more manageable tint, meaning no more tint running into eyes.

This gentle activator, available in a 100ml squeeze bottle, eliminated spills or needles counting of drops. Easy dispensing provides over 1000 applications can be achieved. Our developer is a stabilised creme with a unique formulation making it gentle on clients and mixing Belmacil a breeze.

S$30 per, Buy 2 save 10%
Belmacil Tint
Title Name
Elleebana Keratin Black Mascara
Belmacil’s powerful Swiss formula stands out above the rest with the longest lasting and most gentle eyelash tint colours on the planet!

Belmacil black is the darkest colour in the Belmacil range, a very popular colour and perfect for clients with black to dark brown hair.

No. 1 black will add solid definition and volume to the eyelashes without having to use mascara!

Other colors options
1. Blue Black
2. Dark Brown
3. Light Brown
4. Honey Brown

No clumps or mess. Long lasting colour for up to 2 to 4 weeks.

Content: 20ml and approximately 100 applications
per tube!

S$30 per, Buy 2 save 10%
Our trainer's favourite!

The lash lifter helps ensure the perfect lash placement before application of lift solution. As well as, maneuvering the lashes into the correct position.

Get a free lifter tool when you purchase up to S$1000 products from this page.
This amazing mascara does not clump, washes off easily with soap and water, does not flake and looks naturally gorgeous. A great everyday mascara.

Elleevate Lash Lift Mascara by Elleebana, contains Arginine, Keratin and Biotin for strong and healthy lash growth. Comes in black. This is a fantastic complimentary product for lash lifts but also works well for lashes without lifts. 

S$25 per, buy 2 saves 10% (Retail at S$40)
Elleebana Isolator Tool
SPM by Elleebana
Belma Remove
Up your lash lift game!
This little bling baby has a super fine tip, making it easy to use and perfect for isolation and separation. Therefore, it is the perfect addition to your lash lifting kit.
Semi Permanent Mascara that last up to 3 weeks.
Use after Lash Lift services and provide that extra services for your clients.   Its a water-friendly mascara that stays on for week.  Salon professional use only. Each bottle for approx 60-80 usage.

S$120 per
Belma’s powerful, but gentle, formula removes unwanted mascara and makeup before you perform a lash lift, an eyelash perm or tint.

It also works as a tint remover! Remove tint from around the eye area or your hands and clothes, or where ever else you need it!

Excellent for clients that have lash extensions or brow extensions, or just general everyday use for your clients at home.

 30ml size.

Promotion price S$10 per.